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Minal Patel Davis, Executive Director


Apr 29, 2015

1) What was your biggest achievement in 2014? Comp-U-Dopt is a non-profit computer bank with a technology education component. We had a great 2014, we redistributed over 1,400 computers last year providing over 2,800 hours of technology education. This was a 40 % increase over the prior year thanks to our supporters and dedicated staff. And as we build our brand, we have also been able to increase the number of strategic community partners. 2) Which of your 3 programs is the largest and why do you think it is successful? Our largest program by computer distribution is our Computer Adoption Program. Our staff and volunteers load a trailer that is stored in our warehouse and then they haul it to the host school. It is successful because by going into the community, we overcome transportation as a barrier to service. Before we distribute the computers we take two hours to show the students how to use them. It is still astonishing to see how many students cannot identify a mouse and type with one hand. We are glad to be able to change that. 3) How people can help: -Sponsorship of our computer distribution sessions provide an excellent team building opportunity for area corporations and are a unique way to give back to the community they work in while interacting directly with the population we work with. '?Event Name: Technology for Tomorrow Breakfast Series '?Event Date: 5/6/2015 '?Event Time: 7:50 AM '?Event Number:713-426-2330, ext 1354 '?Event Website:

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