C. Patrick McIlvain

- 4:31

Founder/Director - The Houston Walk


Mar 25, 2015

Many people who are challenged with mental illness also deal with a low self esteem - they forget that we are ALL born WINNERS We (I know that I did for years) emulate what is shown on TV, reported in the newspaper, hear on the radio about how people with mental are acting out - so we think that that is how we are to behave - often the belief of "If you do not bleed you do not lead" in regards to getting media coverage This event is about rediscovering our Dignity & self worth - showing?& telling the real faces & lives of people living with mental illness with?pride, dignity & respect for all life. I in 3 deal with a form of mental illness during their life - Houston has a 2013 population of 2,162,000 ?you do the math. 40,000 Americans & 800.000 worldwide are successful at committing suicide Each Year The social stigma so yoked to ALL of us is over 45o00 years old. That prevents almost off challenged with this illness from getting treatment or evening talking about it. Event Name: National Mental Health and Dignity Day Event Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015 Event Time: 10:30AM/11:30AM Event Number: 713-705-7058 Event Website: thehoustonwalk.org

Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team
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