Tammie Campbell

- 4:30

Founder and Executive Director of Honey Brown Hope Foundation


Mar 12, 2015

?Wake Up and Vote-Voter Empowerment Initiative oSince voting is part of being a productive citizen and a voteless people is a hopeless people, we at the Honey Brown Hope Foundation are committed to spreading hope by sharing the triumphant, untold history of African-American leaders, martyrs, and champions of voting rights. '?Foundation to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Voting Rights Act oIn the Fall of 2015, the Foundation will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Voting Rights Act through a series of educational talks and by honoring an unforgotten foot soldier and leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Mamie King Chalmers. Chalmers led student protestors in Birmingham, AL and was the subject of iconic civil rights photo in TIME magazine. In the photo, she is pressed against the wall by a fire hose, while two young men protected her. '? Twitter: https://twitter.com/HoneyBrownHope '? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honeybrownhope '? Other Social Media: https://www.youtube.com/user/honeybrownhope

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