Fifty years following the historic Stonewall Riots, Comcast Newsmakers commemorates America's diverse LGBTQ community with an in-depth exploration into the state of equality. Hear from LGBTQ rights champions working to address issues including poverty and food insecurity, youth suicide prevention, and political representation. Included is a discussion with pioneering activist Mark Segal, whose enduring fight for equality began at Stonewall.

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Confronting LGBTQ Youth Suicide in America

The Stonewall Uprising: 50 Years On

Transgender Rights Landscape in America

Tackling LGBTQ Poverty and Food Insecurity

Journey Toward LGBTQ Acceptance: Families a...

Advancing LGBTQ Businesses

Convicted Felons: A Case for Voting Rights

The Equality Act

Championing LGBTQ Inclusion in Government

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