Independent Living Part 2

with Sarah Launderville on the Independent Movement

Vermont General Interest

The Independent Living Movement is a worldwide movement of people with disabilities working for equal opportunities, self-determination, self-respect and real independence.   Vermont Council for Independent Living has peer to peer programming to advance these civil rights.

Interview recorded on April 19, 2017.  Hosted by Eric Clemons.  Part 2 of 2.

VCIL believes that individuals with disabilities have the right to live with dignity and with appropriate support in their own homes, fully participate in their communities and to control and make decisions about their lives.

About VCIL

Citizens with disabilities working together for dignity, independence and civil rights.


The Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL), a nonprofit organization directed and staffed by individuals with disabilities, works to promote the dignity, independence and civil rights of Vermonters with disabilities. Like other independent living centers across the country, VCIL is committed to cross-disability services, the promotion of active citizenship and working with others to create services that support self-determination and full participation in community life. Founded in 1979, VCIL is the only center for independent living (CIL) in Vermont and was the first organization in the state with a majority of board and staff with disabilities. At the close of 2003, all members of the board and 95 percent of VCIL staff were individuals having personal experience with disabilities.