Building A Sense of Community in the AAPI Population

Part 4 of The State of the AAPI Community Round Table Discussion

National Community

The Asian-American and Pacific Islander community is growing faster than any other ethnic group in the United States. And with migration being a key driver of that growth, the AAPI community has the greatest proportion of immigrants of any U.S. ethnicity.  Using a familiar stereotype – the “model minority” myth – as a starting point, the panel digs into the true AAPI story, covering this population’s struggles with unemployment, access to education, language barriers, and poverty – and poses ideas and solutions that can help advance the community forward.  Part four of Comcast Newsmakers Presents: The State of the AAPI Community centers on how the more than 40 distinct AAPI ethnicities can build a sense of community.

Host Ellee Pai Hong leads a groundbreaking roundtable discussion with AAPI community leaders:

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