The Community & Children’s Impact Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving the youth of the Cleveland community and surrounding areas an alternative to the dangerous temptations and sometimes addictive behaviors that are so readily accessible to all of us.
This organization came into being because of the inspiration and dedication of one woman, Brenda Myers, a drunk driver, and the Gifts from God that are our Children. We hope you enjoy the story of this woman’s vision from God and how it’s become a vision for many others.
     The mission of this organization is to promote Anti crime and anti drug youth activities and programs that encourage family unity, physical fitness, education opportunities on many levels, while bringing a better quality of life for families who are at poverty level and does not have opportunity or resources to live a normal life.
The C.C.I.C. now assists with multiple resources that enhance the quality of life in several Counties to create productive citizens on all levels of life. CCIC provides educational programs, events, and activities, to promote  healthy and productive children, adults and community. Our goal is to stomp Out Hunger, provide resources, and financial assistants to families in poverty. 
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