Kelly O’Brien, Alliance for Regional Development discusses Milwaukee, Chicago & northwest Indiana corridor all working together to focus on transportation, workforce and water. The Alliance allows for a more powerful voice.

The Alliance for Regional Development is a neutral platform convening leaders from the Milwaukee, Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana corridor to champion strategies to grow the regional economy. Kelly O’Brien, President and one of the founders of the Alliance has worked at both the local and national level sharing economic development best practices. The Alliance has three key focus areas: transportation, workforce, and water and organizes stakeholders to participate on working teams. These working teams champion initiatives that bring benefit across state lines. This groundbreaking coalition is recognized nationally and internationally for breaking down barriers. The Alliance footprint covers 21 counties in three states which collectively are the third largest contributor to the national GDP. With a 13 member board of directors, its leadership has tentacles into government, academia and the private sector. We appreciate your support Comcast, and look forward to doing great things together!