Back 2 School Illinois

Matthew Kurtzman, Back 2 School Illinois discusses the need for school supplies. Many children need back to school supplies. Kit building companies buy supplies & build kits as part of team building and help distribute.

There are 1.2 million children in Illinois each year that live in low-come households whose families struggle to afford school supplies. B2SI provides Back 2 School kits, filled with core or basic school supplies to tens of thousands of these children each year, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. The kits are distributed through partnerships with community organization and government agencies as well as through a “Win School Supplies for an Entire School” Contest that is held on an annual basis.

A relatively new program, Build-A-Kit is helping to expand the number of Back 2 School kits the organization is able to give out. Companies have embraced this new program as a great team building exercise as well as a way to give back to the community. The program, launched in 2015, grew 100% the following year and is on track to show 100% growth yet again in 2017.