Access to Breast Health Testing

Sandra Goldberg, A Silver Lining Foundation

Illinois Health

Sandra Goldberg, A Silver Lining Foundation discusses providing breast health testing. The foundation began after a personal journey and helps the uninsured and underinsured with the costs and access to what they need.

A Silver Lining Foundation is a non profit providing access to cancer resource information, education, outreach and breast health testing. The foundation’s Buy A Mom A Mammogram program funds the entire spectrum of breast health testing for uninsured and underinsured women and men at 15 partner hospitals in the greater Chicagoland, Elgin and Rockford areas. Currently thousands of women cannot access potentially lifesaving breast health testing – and A Silver Lining Foundation endeavors to close those gaps. 80% of women/men are immigrants, 97% are uninsured. No one who comes to A Silver Lining Foundation for access to testing is ever turned away or excluded due to age, documentation or financial status. If diagnosed, the partner hospital will either enroll the patient in a funded program or cover the cost of treatment through their charity care program. Everyone deserves a chance to be treated with dignity and respect.