Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration

with State Senator John Proos on Smart Criminal Justice System

Michigan Government

Senate Bills 5-24 and 50 would make reforms throughout the criminal justice system, from probation to prison time to parole and integration back into society. Among the reforms included in the package are ways to better track and evaluate recidivism data, expedite medical commutation hearings, encourage partnerships with outside volunteers beneficial to prisoners, and provide a tax credit for employing a probationer or parolee.

SBs 13, 15 and 17 would limit the revocation time that a probation violator would serve for technical violations, allow judges to shorten a probation term as a result of good behavior and provide an incentive to probation agents and supervisors to keep probationers out of prison.

SBs 23 and 24, both sponsored by Proos, would update the state’s swift and sure probation sanctioning program. The reforms would allow a circuit court to institute a swift and sure sanctions court and accept eligible participants from other jurisdictions.

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Interview recorded on April 26th, 2017.  Hosted by Laurel Hess.