Creating Community Revival in Sullivan

With Mayor Clint Lamb, City of Sullivan

Indiana Local

Reviving Sullivan is no simple task.  Mayor Clint Lamb understands this will be a “long term process with a long term vision” as Sullivan has not, in recent history, had a drive for economic well-being.

“Our county, unfortunately, is an area with a higher unemployment rate.  The city hasn’t physically grown, as far as an annexation, since 1956; hadn’t had a comprehensive master plan since 1945, so we had a lot of challenges.  While that sounds like a lot of negatives, to see this type of transformation in our community is just…well words can’t express of how excited we are about things going on.”

Mayor Lamb explains that the city is now focusing on its downtown, keeping rural charm and conducting other various updates to cater to the “urban feel” that is in high demand these days by “millenials and empty nesters”.  Host Taylor Bennett also asks about the city’s slogan, “Taking Time to Care” and how a community can care for it’s community and start a revival.

We are working to make our city more vibrant and to enhance the quality of life in Sullivan, Indiana. With the assistance of our residents, civic organizations, schools, churches, and our businesses–combined with an attitude for positive action–we can achieve our goals together.

  • “They Gotta Go” – Blighted Property Elimination Program

  • “Sullivan Improvement Alliance” – Revitalization of Properties

  • “It All Starts Here” – Planning for Sullivan Central Plaza

  • “Paths to Progress” – Sidewalk Project

  • “Welcome to Sullivan” – Signs at Entrances to City

  • Wolfe Street paving and upgrade project

  • Implementation of plan to upgrade our sewer system to improve storm water management

  • Continuation of work to improve the quality of life for all citizens of the City of Sullivan

This interview was filmed on October 4, 2016 inside the Kennedy Room at French Lick Resort.  Hosted by Taylor Bennett, this interview is also available on XFINITY On Demand.