Antique Tractor Show

With Mayor Randy Geesaman, City of Portland

Indiana Local

“There’s 11 hundred campsites and people stay in hotels in Fort Wayne, Dayton and Richmond and Marion because it is such an overflow.  We’ll visit with them and they’ll say they are from Oklahoma; we’ll shake their hands and welcome them to Portland.  Then they’ll tell you the story that ‘we’re the second and third generation that comes here; this is the 28th straight year that we’ve been to your community; bringing our antique engines and tractors…”

The Antique Tractor Show has been around for 53 years and features visitors from all over the world.  Portland has also recently taken to updating the community pool to great success. Mayor Geesaman also discusses roads and housing within Portland.  This interview is also available on XFINITY On Demand.


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